Cadmium – (6a, 6b, 7, 8): Bright silvery supplementary treatments for Type II can be golden, iridescent. Corrosion resistance is very good

Black Oxide – (11a, 11b): Black oxide coatings; without supplementary preservative treatment are used when a black surface is required. Limited corrosion protection under mildly corrosive conditions, For decorative purposes or decrease in light reflection.

Chromium Platings – (22): Provides a bright decorative finish; corrosion protection; wear resistance and pleasing appearance.

Chromium Satin – (27): Known as industrial or hard chromium; provides wear and abrasion resistance and incidental corrosion protection of parts as the specified thickness of the plating may afford.

Zinc Plate – (27a, 27b, 27c, 27d, 27e): Electrodeposited zinc coatings applied to iron, steel, stainless steel and brass articles provides protection from corrosion. The service life of zinc coating is a function of its thickness and the type of environment to which it is exposed. Bright or dull finish is acceptable.

Black Zinc – (31): Provides corrosion resistance, decorative, used on steel alloys.

Solder Plate – (28): Provides corrosion protection and solderability.

Black Phosphate – (30): Provides corrosion resistance; also acts as a lubricant.

Chromium Engineering – (24): Engineering chromium is usually applied directly to base metal and is finished by grinding to the specific dimensions.

Black Finish – (32): Is a decorative finish, used on steel alloys.

Lubricant – Solid Film – Heat Cured – Corrosion inhibiting -(34a, 34b): Reduces wear and prevents galling when used in steel alloys.

Finish Type

1No finishNO FINISH


Anodized (Dk. Gray)ANODIZE-MIL-A-8625F, Type II – Class 2 – (Sulphuric) Hot Water Seal. (Dk. Gray)
3aAnodized (Clear)ANODIZE-MIL-A 8625F, Type II – Class I – (Sulphuric) Hot water Seal. (Clear)
3bAnodized (Blue)ANODIZE-MIL-A-8625F, Type II – Class 2 – (Sulphuric) Hot Water Seal. (Blue)
3cAnodized (Red)ANODIZE-MIL-A-8625F, Type II – Class 2 – (Sulphuric) Hot water seal (Red)
4aAnodized (Yellow Green)ANODIZE-MIL-A-8625F, Type II – Class 2 – (Sulphuric) Dichromate Seal (Yellow Green)
4bAnodized (Dichromate)ANODIZE-MIL-A-8625F- Type II (Sulphuric) Dichromate Seal (Red)
4cAnodized (Dyed Gold)ANODIZE – MIL-A-8625F-Type II Class 2 (Dyed Gold)


Anodized (Black)ANODIZE-MIL-A-8625F, Type II – Class 2 Hot water Seal (Black)


Cadmium Plate ClearCADMIUM PLATE QQ-P-416-F-Type I-Class 2-Clear Chromate
6bCadmium Plate ColorCADMIUM PLATE, QQ-P-416-F-Type II- Class 2 Color Chromate Finish”
7Cadmium Commercial Plate,CADMIUM PLATE COMMERCIAL – Type I, Class 3
8Cadmium Color Chromate PlateCADMIUM PLATE QQ-P-416-F-Type II – Class 3 – Color Chromate Finish


Nickel Plate, Grade GNICKEL PLATE – QQN-290-A-Class 1, Grade G, (thickness – .0002- SB) (single layer coating fully bright)
9bNickel Plate, Grade FNICKEL PLATE – QQN290-A Class 1, Grade F (Thickness -.0004-SB) (single layer coating fully bright)


Silver PlateSILVER PLATE – QQ-S-365-D, Type II – Grade B (Thickness -.0003)


Black oxide, Class 4BLACK OXIDE – MIL-C-13924-C-AMEND #1 Class 4. For 300 series corrosion resistance steel alloys only.
11bBlack oxide, Class 1BLACK OXIDE – MIL-C-13924-C-AMEND #1 – Class 1 (for plain carbon and low alloy steels)


Passivate, Type IPASSIVATE – MIL-F-14072-C (ER) AMEND #1 – Type I. (Finish #E300 – Passivate per ASTM-A-380-96)
12bPassivate, Type IIPASSIVATE QQ-P-35C, Type II.”


Alodine 1200ALODINE 1200
14Gold FlashGOLD FLASH, (Thickness -.00003 to .00005.)
15Gold Flash over NickelGOLD FLASH over Nickel Flash, (Thickness – .00003 to .00005)
16Gold PlateGOLD PLATE MIL-G-45204-C-AMEND #1, Type 11 – Grade C – Class-2 (Thickness .0001 0 minimum)


Tin Plate IITIN PLATE (Hot dipped) MIL-T-10727-C, Type II
18aTin Plate IITIN PLATE (Electro Deposit) MIL-T-10727-C, Type I
18bTin Plate I (solderable)TIN PLATE (Electro Deposit) MIL-T-10727-C, Type I plus solderability ASTM B 545-92, Class-C”


Bright Dip BrassBRIGHT DIP (Brass Finish)


IRIDITE (Clear)IRIDITE – MIL-C-5541-E-Class 3 (clear)
20bIRIDITE (Gold)IRIDITE – MIL-C-5541-E-Class la (Gold)
21Gold Flash over SilverGOLD FLASH 0.000015 thick over Silver-Plate (0.0003 thickness)


Chomium BrightCHROMIUM PLATING – QQ-C-320B (Bright finish) Class 1, Type I


Chromium SatinCHROMIUM PLATING – QQ-C-320B (Satin Finish) Class 1, Type II


Chromium EngineeringCHROMIUM PLATING QQ-C-320-B (Engineering), Class 2






Zinc Plate Type IZINC PLATE – ASTM B633/85 Type I – Class FE/ZN5-SC-1 (thickness .00025)
27bZinc Plate Type IIZINC PLATE – Colored Chromate – ASTM B633/85 Type II – FE/ZN5- SC-1 (thickness -.00025)
27cZinc Plate Clear
27dZinc Plate PhosphateZINC PLATE – (Phosphate Coat) -ASTM B633/85 Type V Class FE/ZN5-SC-1 (thickness .00025)
27eZinc Plate OliveZINC PLATE – per QQ-Z-325 Type II, olive drab.


Solder Plate.0001 to -.0003 Thick. Solder per QQS-571-F, SN 60 PG 40 over Nickel Plate thickness 0.0001-0.0005. In AC/W MILP-81728A plus solderability


Black Chrome Satin


Black Phosphate


Black Zinc


Black FinishUsed on steel parts – strictly cosmetic
33Electro-Tin PlateOver COPPER FLASH – MIL T – 10727C Type I


Lubricant, Type ISolid Film – Heat cured – corrosion inhibiting – MIL-L-460101-AMEND #2, Type I, cure temperature of 150 ±3 º C.
34bLubricant, Type IISolid Film – Heat cured – corrosion inhibiting – MIL-L-460101B-AMEND #2, Type II, cure temperature of 204 ±3 º C.
35Electro PolishNo military specification assigned – An electric process used to remove the outer layer of material to brighten primarily steel-stainless steel and brass alloys.