ASTM F467 Nut

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ASTM F467 is a specification that covers nuts manufactured of brass, naval brass, aluminum bronze, and silicon bronze. this specification includes ASTM F467 Nut. Sri Ashapura Steel, a reputable producer and supplier of fasteners, offers these ASTM F467m Nuts in various sizes and dimensions. These nuts are manufactured using a variety of alloys, some of which include grades 260, 464, 630, and 655. these ingredients are used to make these nuts. There are a variety of forms, and each one is designed to work best with a particular category of task or endeavor. Gr F467 Hex Nuts are among the most extensively used nuts in various industries. It is largely because of the ease with which they can be applied using a wide range of tools and their exceptionally high geometric strength.


About ASTM F467 Nut

Grade F467 Acorn Nuts, ASTM F467 Lug Nut, Grade F467 12-Point Nuts, Gr F467 Captive Nuts, ASTM F467 Grade Nyloc Nuts.

In addition to standard hex nuts, there is also a variety known as big hex nuts. According to this specification, the amount of copper present in ASTM F467 wing nuts can range anywhere from 59% in the case of a naval brass material to 94% in the case of a silicon bronze material. Grade F467 Acorn Nuts and other types, which include a high percentage of copper, can tolerate high degrees of acidic corrosion. This ability is due to the copper’s resistance to the acid. As a result of this quality, nuts make an outstanding selection for acid processing and other chemical applications and equipment. The ASTM F467 Captive Nut that are classed as grades 630 and 655 each have 1.5% manganese in addition to the copper they contain. In addition, because there is more room inside the nut for tightening, square nuts are suitable for a wider range of applications than other nuts. Aluminum bronze nuts include anywhere from 9% to 11% aluminum and the 78% copper that makes up most of their composition.

ASTM F467 Nut Specification

Astm F467 Nuts Delivery timecustom product will according to special requirement, Regular product is about 7-15 days
ASTM F467 Nuts CoatingsCadmium, Black Oxide, Teflon, Galvanized, Zinc, Xylan, Otders Upon Request
Astm F467 Nuts DimensionsASME B18.3, B18.2.1
Melt OriginSoutd America/East Europe/Japan/Korea
Product OriginMade in India
Astm F467 Nuts CertificationDual Certified As per ASME & ASTM Codes
Additional CertificationsMerkblatt AD 2000 W2 Certified,PED 97/23/EC Certified
Mandatory RequirementsFree from Radioactive & Mercury Contamination
Additional RequirementsNACE MR0175 / MR0103 /ISO 15156 Compliance
Astm F467 Nuts SamplesYes
Payment TermsWestern Union, T/T, Paypal, Trade Assurance 30% deposit & balance before shipping or L/C

Chemical Composition ASTM F467 Nut

UNS DesignationAlloyGeneral NameAluminumCopper, minIron, maxManganese, maxNickel, maxPhosphorusSiliconZinc, maxALead, maxTin
C11000110ETP Copper99.9
C26000260Brass68.5 – 71.50.05balance0.07
C27000270Brass63.0 – 68.50.07balance0.10
C46200462Naval Brass62.0 – 65.00.10balance0.200.50 – 1.00
C46400464Naval Brass59.0 – 62.00.10balance0.200.50 – 1.00
C51000510Phosphor BronzebalanceA0.100.03 – 0.350.300.054.20 – 5.80
C61300613Aluminum Bronze6.0 – 7.5B2.0 – – 0.50
C61400614Aluminum Bronze6.0 – 8.088.0D1.5 – 3.51.00
C63000630Aluminum Bronze9.0 – 11.078.0D2.0 – 4.01.504.0 – 5.50.25 max0.20 max
C64200642Aluminum Silicon Bronze6.3 – 7.688.65D0.300.100.25 1.50 – 2.20E0.500.050.20 max
C65100651Silicon Bronze96.0D0.800.700.8 – 2.01.500.05
C65500655Silicon Bronze94.8D0.801.500.602.8 – 3.81.500.05
C66100661Silicon Bronze0.25 max94.0D0.251.502.8 – 3.51.500.20 – 0.80
C67500675Manganese Bronze57.0 – 60.00.8 – 2.00.05 – 0.50balance0.200.50 – 1.50
C71000710Cupro Nickel74.0D0.601.0019.0 – 23.0C 1.000.05
C71500715Cupro Nickel65.0D0.40 – 0.701.0029.0 – 33.0C1.000.05

Mechanical Properties ASTM F467 Nut

AlloyMechanical Property MarkingNominal Thread Diameter, inchHardnessAProof Stress, min, ksi
Cu 110F 467Aall65 HRF30
Cu 260F 467ABall55 HRF60
Cu 270F 467Ball55 HRF60
Cu 462F 467Call65 HRB50
Cu 464F 467Dall55 HRB50
Cu 510F 467Eall60 HRB60
Cu 613F 467Fall70 HRB80
Cu 614F 467Gall70 HRB75
Cu 630F 467Hall85 HRB100
Cu 642F 467Jall75 HRB75
Cu 651F 467Kall75 HRB70
Cu 655F 467Lall60 HRB50
Cu 661F 467Mall75 HRB70
Cu 675F 467Nall60 HRB55
Cu 710F 467Pall50 HRB45
Cu 715F 467Rall60 HRB55
Ni 59 Grade 1F467FNall21 HRC120
Ni 59 Grade 2F467GNall23 HRC135
Ni 59 Grade 3F467HNall25 HRC160
Ni 59 Grade 4F467JNall80 HRB100
NI 335F 467Sall20 HRC115
Ni 276F 467Tall20 HRC110
Ni 400F 467Uall75 HRB80
Ni 405F 467Vall60 HRB70
Ni 500F 467Wall24 HRC130
Ni 625F 467ACall85 HRB – 35 HRC60
Ni 686 Grade 1F 467BNall21 HRC120
Ni 686 Grade 2F 467CNall23 HRC135
Ni 686 Grade 3F 467DNall25 HRC160
Ni 686 Grade 4F 467ENall65 HRB – 25 HRC100
Al 2024 – T4BF 467Xall70 HRB55
Al 6061 – T6F 467Yall40 HRB40
Al 6262 – T9F 467Zall60 HRB52
Ti 1F 467ATall140 HV40
Ti 2F 467BTall150 HV55
Ti 4F 467CTall200 HV85
Ti 5F 467DTall30 HRC135
Ti 7F 467ETall160 HV55
Ti 19F 467FTall24 HRC120
Ti 23F 467GTall25 HRC125
Ti-5-1-1-1F 467AHTall24 HRC105

Dimensions Of ASTM F467 Nut

ASTM F467 Nut Dimensions :

nut Dimensions
All dimensions are in mm unless mentioned otherwise

Basic Major
Diameter of
Width Across Flats,
Width Across
Thickness Heavy
Hex Nuts,
Thickness Heavy
Hex Jam Nuts,
Maximum Runout of
Bearing Surface to
Axis, FIM
Heavy HEX NUTSHeavy Hex
Jam Nuts
Specified Proof load
Min.MaxUp to
150,000 psi
150,000 psi
and Greater
All Strength
5/80.62501 1/161.0311.0621.1751.22739/640.5870.63123/640.3370.3810.0250.0180.025
3/40.75001 1/41.2121.2501.3821.44347/640.7100.75827/640.3980.4460.0270.0200.027
7/80.87501 7/161.3941.4381.5891.66055/640.8330.88531/640.4580.5100.0290.0220.029
11.00001 5/81.5751.6251.7961.87663/640.9561.01235/640.5190.5750.0310.0240.031
1 1/81.12501 13/161.7561.8122.0022.0931 7/641.0791.13939/640.5790.6390.0330.0270.033
1 1/41.250021.9382.0002.2092.3091 7/321.1871.25123/320.6870.7510.0350.0300.035
1 3/81.37502 3/162.1192.1882.4162.5261 11/321.3101.37825/320.7470.8150.0380.0330.038
1 1/21.50002 3/82.3002.3752.6222.7421 15/321.4331.50527/320.8080.8800.0410.0360.041
1 5/81.62502 9/162.4812.5622.8282.9591 19/321.5561.63229/320.8680.9440.0440.0380.044
1 3/41.75002 3/42.6622.7503.0353.1751 23/321.6791.75931/320.9291.0090.0480.0410.048
1 7/81.87502 15/162.8442.9383.2423.3921 27/321.8021.8861 1/320.9891.0730.0510.0440.051
22.00003 1/83.0253.1253.4493.6081 31/321.9252.0131 3/321.0501.1380.0550.0470.055
2 1/42.25003 1/23.3883.5003.8624.0412 13/642.1552.2511 13/641.1551.2510.0610.0520.061
2 1/22.50003 7/83.7503.8754.2754.4742 29/642.4012.5051 29/641.4011.5050.0680.0580.068
2 3/42.75004 1/44.1124.2504.6884.9072 45/642.6472.7591 37/641.5221.6340.0740.0640.074
33.00004 5/84.4754.6255.1025.3402 61/642.8933.0131 45/641.6431.7630.0810.0700.081
3 1/43.250054.8385.0005.5155.7743 3/163.1243.2521 13/161.7481.8760.0870.0750.087
3 1/23.50005 3/85.2005.3755.9286.2073 7/163.3703.5061 15/161.8702.0060.0940.0810.094
3 3/43.75005 3/45.5625.7506.3416.6403 11/163.6163.7602 1/161.9902.1340.1000.0870.100
44.00006 1/85.9256.1256.7557.0733 15/163.8624.0142 3/162.1122.2640.1070.0930.107

Different Types Of ASTM F467 Nut

Different Types Of Nuts:

hex nuts
ASTM F467 Hex Nuts
t nut
ASTM F467 T Nuts
metric nuts
ASTM F467 Metric Nuts
rivet nuts
ASTM F467 Rivet Nuts
sleeve nuts
ASTM F467 Sleeve Nuts
12 point nuts
ASTM F467 12-Point Nuts
lug nut
ASTM F467 Lug Nut
captive nuts
ASTM F467 Captive Nuts
domed nuts
ASTM F467 Dome Nuts
Acorn nut
ASTM F467 Acorn Nuts
nylon nut
ASTM F467 Nyloc Nuts
Insert Nut
ASTM F467 Insert Nuts
lock nut
ASTM F467 Lock Nuts
Castle nuts
ASTM F467 Castle Nuts
square nut
ASTM F467 Square Nuts

Application of ASTM F467 Nut

Testing of ASTM F467 Nut

Packing Of ASTM F467 Nut

Destination Of ASTM F467 Nut

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