Class 8.8 vs 10.9 bolts

high tensile bolt
Parameter Class 8.8 Bolt Class 10.9 Bolt
Tensile Strength The tensile strength is 800 N/mm² The tensile strength is 1040 N/mm²
Yield Strength Has a yield strength of 640 N/mm² Has a yield strength of 940 N/mm²
Material Usually, they are manufactured with medium-carbon steel Typically made using alloy steel
Resistance Has a good resistance to wear and tear Shows superior resistance to wear and tear
Hardening Hardened by a ‘quench and temper’ process Also hardened by a ‘quench and temper’ process, but at higher temperature
Load Carrying Capacity Has a lower load carrying capacity Has a higher load carrying capacity
Application Areas Used in general hardware where high strength is not a major requirement Used in high strength applications such as automotive or structural use
Cost Generally more economical due to less alloy content Higher cost due to more alloying elements
Elongation Minimum elongation of 12% Minimum elongation of 9%
Hardness Less hardness (Typically 250HV) Higher hardness (Typically up to 385HV)