How can make sure you have the right grade

When chosen correctly, a well-designed alloy will support a known load. Chosen badly, the anchoring bolts or screws will fracture and snap under that load. Stainless steel fasteners are the nuts and bolts that tether everything, whether large or small. Manufactured from differently graded metals, stainless steel bolts can’t just be picked from any old box of Stainless Steel bolts. The selection process makes sure the graded stainless steel alloy matches a selected application.  

Grading Appraisal: Measuring Stainless Steel Performance

Grade 304 stainless steel is tough, but it’s not as materially-tough as 316 stainless. 18-8 stainless is an affordable choice, the smart option that fits most structural considerations. Avoid material failures and supplement dimensional robustness by selecting the correct grade of stainless steel. The chosen stainless steel base must physically support the project-assessed mechanical load, and the anchoring elements must provide enough nickel and chromium power to offset the environmental conditions encountered here. The selected stainless steel type must defeat the outdoor elements, especially rain and acids, alkalis, toxic chemicals, catalysing compounds and fuels, the stainless steel bolts and nuts cannot succumb to these nasty environmental pitfalls.

Here’s a quick guide to identifying bolt grades and materials so you can be sure to match the bolt and grade to your project requirements.

Grade 2 bolts will have no head marking, although sometimes a manufacturer’s mark may be present. Grades 2, 5, and 8 are usually plated with a silver or yellow zinc coating or galvanized to resist corrosion. Graded components should be matched – for example, Grade 5 nuts with Grade 5 bolts – enabling them to work together with the same level of hardness. The combination ensures consistent strength and a better, more reliable connection.

The most common grade of steel fastener is the least expensive and is the most common bolt found in automotive applications. The strongest are made with a steel alloy containing an average of 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel.

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