What are PTFE Coated Fasteners? What are its Properties and Applications?


What are PTFE Coated Fasteners? What are its Properties and Applications?

The coating, known as “PTFE,” or polytetrafluoroethylene, is a synthetic and non-stick form of fluoropolymer. It is a lightweight layer that is Strong and flexible. If we compare it to the capabilities of other fluoropolymers, we can see that PTFE-coated Products have a greater capacity to perform in high temperatures. PTFE Coating Products include Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts, and Stud Bolts.

Properties Of PTFE Coated Fasteners:

PTFE coated Fasteners are one of the most popular non-stick items due to the excellent release properties of the coating. As a result, these PTFE-covered Fasteners can withstand temperatures up to 500°F. They can withstand greater temperatures than the majority of fluoropolymers. These fasteners have a plating that is about 1 millimeter thick.  

Applications Of PTFE Coated Fasteners:

PTFE is in great demand in industries that need water-repellent equipment, such as the food industry, medical/surgical equipment, and other similar fields. It is because PTFE is hydrophobic and does not retain moisture or other liquid substances. Because of the hydrophobic nature of PTFE-coated fasteners, they are resistant to germs. thus, they are an excellent choice for usage in the medical business. Refineries that process petroleum often use it in their boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, pipelines, cooling towers, steam exhausts, and electric generating facilities. Fertilizers and chemical factories also make use of it on occasion.

Uses Of PTFE Coated Fasteners:

  • Electronic Components, Including Semiconductors and Electrical Assembly.
  • Static-sensitive apparatus and clean-room facilities.
  • Pharmaceutical and food production that complies with FDA standards and is of food-grade quality.
  • For consumers, hardware and electronics are examples of lightweight and low-power initiatives.
  • Applications requiring temperatures in the high range, such as those in the automotive, food preparation, powder coating, and testing industries.
  • Equipment and spaces for the processing of chemicals.
  • Materials often used in commercial construction. 
  • For applications requiring performance in various wet environments, including those in the maritime, outdoor, and recreational industries.

Using PTFE in the construction of the hardware guarantees that the equipment does not require an exceptionally high structural strength. PTFE is a delicate material and should not be utilized for applications in which strength is a primary concern. PTFE coatings are used where there is considerable importance put on strength.